Another winterizing ?

Is it best to store the RV with the slides in or out? We don't get any snow, but I expect the temps to drop into the 30s now and then but not on a consistant basis.
Thanks for any help ;)
Re: Another winterizing ?

I don't think it really makes any difference. On my lot they are out unless we are expecting ice or a snow that accumulates several inches. Either one of those can push under the seals and cause a leak.

Even if they don't cause a problem, I would rather be safe than sorry.
Re: Another winterizing ?

Thanks for the reply. I wasn't sure if made a significant difference and, I have seen RVs left for long periods with slides both out and in.
Again thanks..


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Re: Another winterizing ?

I'd think in, no need to expose the roof of the slide (or the slide topper) to the elements if you are not in there to need the space. And I think there may be more stress on the mechanism when out than when in.
Re: Another winterizing ?

I agree John, I pulled them in. When thinking about it, there is probably more risk, stress and exposure being out than in..