Anti-sway and weight dist recommendations

Being "new" to the trailering world I seek knowledge from experienced ones. I have a 2013 Ford F150 with 5.0 engine. I am purchasing a 26' TT and can't decide what would work best for the hookup. I am interested in NOT having to disconnect anything to back up my unit and will be looking at close to home traveling (about 2-3 hours drives from home in Central Florida). Any observations?


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welcome to the forum Chris, I can't say anything on that subject, as I always used a anti-sway& weight distribution on the TT I had. However I am sure some of our subject expert, like KEN, who owns Grand View Trailer Company will more than helpful to you. But I do know he is camping this weekend , and he also has a TT he pulls. So just wait your question will be answered.


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Chris - When we were travelling with our trailer I had a weight distributing hitch and never had any problems backing with it hooked up. Made some strange noises sometimes, but no problems. I didn't have an anti-sway bar since it was only a 20' trailer and never had any problems with sway, even in cross winds.:)
Thanks for info from all. I have installed the (noisy) anti-sway bar and enjoyed miles of travel. Recently replaced Ford F150 5.0 truck for 2013 Ford F150 Ecoboost and may try run without bar. Truck has built in anti-sway setup so I might try it. I recently posted an inquiry regarding installing a generator for A/C and power ability for when I don't want to stay at hook up. Is this animal possible? I figured if motorhomes have them they can be adaptable for TTs. Your thoughts, please.


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Problem with TT is room for the GEN and the size GEN needed. Most haul the GEN in the truck and off load it for camping or just run from the Truck bed. But if there is room it can be done, keep in mind fueling the GEN and servicing.