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Am buying a new 18 ft RV. The contract has listed for 97.50 a "Anti Theft ID" (already typed in as if it was mandatory). Having bought yet. Just wondering before asking salesman what it is for and is it mandatory in Texas? Thanks.


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Re: ? Anti Theft ID

I can't imagine it would be manditory. My coach had a security system which only allowed it to start if a specific key fob is within a few feet of the ignition. This was required by the dealers insurance company due to the number of coaches which had been stolen off the lot. Sounded like a good idea, but not for 2 or 3 times what it was worth. They wouldn't charge what it was worth and I would not pay the excessive price, so they took it out.

So ask exactly what that charge is for, and if you don't think it is worth what they are charging, refuse it. If it can't be taken out, too bad; they should not be adding stuff you didn't order. Another charge which appears to be manditory is a 'paperwork charge'. When I bought my trailer, it worked out to about $8 per error :)

I like to deal with 'out the door' price, then they can fiddle with the extra charges all they like. For instance, I bought the trailer at my price, and they adjusted the price down so they could claim the paperwork charge. What bunk! Filling out the paperwork is part of the job, and should come out of the profit. But at least I paid it only on paper.

I also didn't pay sales tax. (of course I did, but again they adjusted the price down to cover it) 'Out the door' rules.
Re: ? Anti Theft ID

My guess would glass etching. They etch the serial number of the coach in aall the glass. Makes it harder for crooks. As far as I know it is not manditory.
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Re: ? Anti Theft ID

If it is required in Texas it is something quite new. I didn't pay for and don't have such a thing in our RV and it was purchased in Texas. I don't think that was it. If you are buying off of the lot, it just means that it is there so you will have to pay for it, or some buyer will.