Any Advice on best 4x4 RV for off-road Boondocking?

Lars Shirey

New Member
Hi all, I'm a passionate novice to Boondocking and new to this group.

Could any of you offer advice/help on the best type of motorhome I should buy for cross-country, 100% off-grid, Boondock traveling.

I've done a good amount of research but I'm having trouble putting all the "pieces" together to make the best informed decision possible for what motorhome, preferably used, I should be looking to buy.
Here's what I've put together so far in an attempt to meet my needs.

Goal: Easily boondock cross-country and into the mountains in my motorhome.
Budget: Maximum, all-inclusive cost - $100,000
Class C Motor Home (This seems the best class for my needs, let me know if otherwise!)
  • Maximum length to still allow for city street parking
  • Sleeps a minimum 2 people, preferably 4
  • Heavy duty 4x4 transmission to handle off-road driving up into the mountains *Motor Home Design: Easily provide 100% off-grid capability e.g. easy to add solar, water collection/distillation, efficient system for disposal of grey & dark water waste, etc.
So, does such a motorhome exist or will I have to have one custom built that will probably put me way over budget?

From my research, here are two motorhomes that appear to accomplish what I'm looking for, but it's over my budget e.g. $125,00 - $150,000. Is there any mainstream make & model out there that offers similar features compared to these custom build?
2018 Unity FX
2018 Pleasure-Way Plateau XLTS Tour

Thanks in advance for any help on my quest to find the best, affordable, motorhome for this 61-year-old "wannabe" boondocker?

C Nash

Senior Member
Are either of these 4X4. Never seen a 4X4 but sure they are out there. You should be able to find either of the units you posted used but not 4X4. Let us know what you find