Any helpful advice?


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Hi there all,

My names Steve and my girlfriend and I are wanting to pick your brains for some RV'ing advice.
We live in the UK and have had a dream for a long while of coming to the states and becoming 'workamper' for 6 + months.
Were looking into buying a used RV, traveling round, getting some casual work, and generally enjoying ourselves.
We're hoping you can offer us some advice on areas such as: Insurance costs, drivers licences, breakdown cover, best used RV buys, servicing costs, fuel costs, places to stay, etc.
Any buying tips would also be very helpfull: What to beware of, ownership, engine conditions, service history. Do dealers offer discounts for cash?
Any helpful advice is greatly appreciated.
Imagine if you we're coming to the UK to do the same, what sort of questions would you want to know the answers to?
We would also love to hear any of your stories about RV'ing.
We really would appreciate any help with making our dream come true.

Many thanks,
Steve & Connie