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Did you purchase your RV or arrange a private rental. Any Tips as we are a mature Australian couple hoping to travel next year for 6-12 months (October/November). We don't want to necessarily purchase a RV as we will then have to arrange selling it. Ideally we are looking for a motor home with a garage where we can store a Harley or two. Has anyone any idea about the best solution to our situation? Alfie girl


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For 6-12 months the rent will be very high so purchase and resale would be the option I would take. For what you are looking for size wise rent per week would be in the $1000 range so anywhere from $25,000-$50,000. So purchasing then taking a $10,000 to $15,000 hit on sale might be better. Might even find a dealer who would make such an offer(just a thought). There are not many Motor homes with a garage but 5th wheels have them, But a motor home with a trailer would work but then you would not have a towed other than the bikes. All depends on your budget and on the deal at purchase.


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Hi Alfie,
We are an Australian retired couple and looking at same scenario but with intention of keeping it & storing a motorhome and going back annually for 3-9 months at a time. The problem with the US is you need to be a resident and have an address whereas in Canada it is easier to buy, register and insure. . If you or anyone else is interested in a partnership of buying and keeping a small motorhome in US, Canada or Europe please get in touch. We are in Australia travelling the East Coast for next few months so could meet with anyone interested


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We are also Aussies and spent 15 months in USA and Canada in 2007 and 2008. We bought a MH and brought it back to Australia with us but time has proven that not to be such a good idea as our Authorities at the behest of Australian manufactures are making it too hard to get compliance.

If you are a member of the CMCA then you may sometimes see someone in the CMCA Wanderer magazine advertising to sell or rent a MH that they own in the US.

So far as having a USA address we arranged that by organising a Montana LLC which saved us sales taxes, provided us with a mail forwarding service and a postal/legal address.

We are presently in northern Victoria heading up through NSW and into Qld. by early August. We may be able to make contact if you are nearbye if you think we may be of help.