any vintage rv'ers out there remember this one?


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i'm looking for any information on the 1978 champion sportsman motorhome if anyone can remember back that far...just bought one and can't get electricity to work on's in great condition, but need to find information. any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!

thanks in advance.. :laugh:

any vintage rv'ers out there remember this one?


Have you had any luck with the electric on the camper? My father just bought a Champion, I think a 80 or 81, and is having similar problems. I have been looking for service manuals or any documentation for it with no luck.

The main electric problem is solved and now he has some little problems getting power here and there. Does your camper have a breaker box in a closet to the left of the pantry? My fathers does and one of his breakers was fused. It was not tripped either but when I tried to reset them this one would not budge. Replaced it and power began to flow again.

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