Anyone Like Chinook Motor homes?

Looking at one and kinda like it. 21 ft dual rear wheels. Seems to have everything and in good shape. I like the one piece. Anyone know what is a ballpark price for 1988 1 ton ford chassis? I can't find any prices to check. Thanks folks!
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Thanks! So, by no other replies does this mean no one likes the Chinook?:) Class B+ I think it is.
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"Thanks! So, by no other replies does this mean no one likes the Chinook?:) Class B+ I think it is."

Hi, by no replies I'd assume no one viewing on line here has one. There are lots of types of motor homes and all have both positive and negative attributes. What is great for one person may be a determent for others. Some people like rubber roofs, I like the fiberglass one piece, Both are good, but people have preferences. You can buy a brand new unit and still have problems that become apparent when in use. As long as it's not a major problem we just fix it and get on with life.

If you are new to RV's, I suggest you find a person who has some experience in RV'ing and willing to view and assess the condition of the unit with you.

A small "C" sometimes referred to as a "B+" because it lacks the bed and uses the overhead space for an entertainment center is an excellent choice for two or 3 people. In my opinion any more than that, it would be crowded. At the same time the manufacturers will claim there is ample room for five people. Again it depends on ones interpretation of "ample room". If you wish to travel as opposed to camping, then considering the size of the unit should also be a consideration.

This is a pic of our B+, just myself, my wife and a Ger. Shepherd and we find it works great for us, any smaller just wouldn't do. At 13 MPG (US) I don't believe we could do any better.



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Think the Chinook is a very good rv if it will serve your purpose. You might also go to rvs for sell on this and other sites to find out what the general selling price is. Varies in different parts of the country.
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Thanks for the replies and sharing folks! I snoozed a bit too long and the one I was looking at is gone. Oh well, the hunt goes on.
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I have a 2002 Concourse and I love it.
They may be too small for some people, but this works great for my wife and me and our german shepherd dog.

Perhaps the fact that Chinooks are so difficult to find used is an indication that people hold on to them, and when you do find one they cost much more than other used motor homes of equal length, age and mileage.

You can get a camper much easier and cheaper than holding out for a Chinook. I'm glad we waited patiently to find ours.
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iIve been fascinated with the Chinooks ever since I saw one for the first time ten years ago. I see quite a few on the road, but not very many for sale.
We ended up with a Pleasureway. the only one I would consider instead is a Chinook.

I heard the Chinook factory went out of business. Correct? I asked why and was told by the dealer that as the rigs got more expensive, they were butting up against the large ones in price.
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@cranky: I'm seriously looking at a used Chinook Concourse with the dinette floor plan. @rjann agrees :cool:. It's on the lot with lots of other Class B & Class Cs and really stands out. Beautiful wood and an amazing use of space for it's 21 foot size. All it seems to be missing is a convention oven (it only has a microwave oven 8-( ). My research confirmed that the company went out of business in 2005 and that a --lot-- of the major RV manufacturers are having problems. If price were the only consideration, then Fleetwood would be the only manufacturer left; thank goodness some folks insist on higher quality. :laugh:
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:) Hi Cranky,

I just this last month Jun 2010 bought a 2000 e350 Chinook Concourse with 63,000 miles on it, like brand new inside and out and I gave 27,000 and would do it again tomorrow.

This unit came with 13,500 Air/Heat Pump on top, luggage compartment on top, a 3 way apartment size fridge with freezer, a combination Microwave/Convection Oven, a 4 burner range with an oven below it, a built in Coffee maker. Mine came with two swival seats and a fold out table for a dinette. Bath room is the usual pot in shower and one small closet. Also Stereo/CD-DVD with TV and four speakers. Has a fold out couch for a bed, it sits fine as a couch but for a guy with a bad back the bed part is no good. My unit weights in at 9,000 lbs loaded with water and 38 gals fuel. Mine came with a 6.8L V10 with 4.10 gears in the rear end. The Chinnok is fairly well areodined and glides thru the air rather easily. I have checked mileage at 55 MPH, 60 and 65 MPH, mile per gallon range was 10.9 to 11.2, 11.2 was the best I could get and that was at 60 mph. I did install one of those Tornados in the air intake, it did raise the mileage to 13.3, an improvement of 2.1 mpg. The V10 has more power and torque than I will ever use so I am in the process of installing 3.73 gears in the rear end, should raise the mileage 3 maybe 4 mpg, I am hoping to 16 mpg. I am going to try one of the Hydrogen generators with a flash chip and see if I can get the mileage up to 20 mpg or so.

If the Chinook were still made today they would be the same price as a new pleasureway (out of Canada) they are 91,000, 89,500 on sale, just in case you were wandering why you don't see many of these units around (I looked at the new Pleasureways and I liked the Chinooks better)

I do have a 1986 Ford e250 Festa, that's a turtle top, 6 foot wide instead of 8 foot, sleeps two over the cab and two on the fold down dinette, has almost everything (except air ( does have a place for air) that the Chinook has, bottom of the doors are a little rough but the body in in real good shape, could stand a little paint on the outside, other wise it will drive anywhere and the price recommends it. . . 3900.00 The only reason I didn't use it myself is because I am a 300 lb big boy and I needed a little more room.

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I also purchased a Chinook Concourse and after reading your last response became very interested in what you were doing to improve gas consumption. The only thing I didn't understand was the Hydrogen generators with a flash chip. Could you explain a little more what exactly that is - obviously I'm not the best when it comes to mechanics but always willing to learn.
Also, do you know if there is a drain plug on your fresh water tank, to date I have been unable to locate a drain for this tank.