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Hi All
I was thinking of visiting the US from the UK sometime to go touring and was looking to see if I could do a house for RV/Motorhome swap for a few weeks in the summer. The only place I could see that listed this as an option was Swapadoo. Has anyone tried it? I think its new because its free to use at the moment. The free discount code is "swapadoo" - they email it out free to anyone so I'm not giving away any secrets. its at I've got a house near London listed on there.

Any thoughts?

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John, welcome to the forum. You might be better to rent anRV for the summer. Most of us would be more willing to let you stay in our stick house than our rv.

DL Rupper

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Re: Anyone tried

Hey jaybeedee, welcome to the forum. I agree with Jim. It is a lot harder to take care of a RV than a house. I wouldn't make the trade. My RV is my home and too dear to my heart. I'm sure you will probably find some takers.