Anyone want to swap RVs 4 an OS holiday?

Hi there,

I am keen to know if anyone is interested in swapping their motor home for one in another country for an overseas holiday. Home exchange has been around for years. Is there much interest in motor home exchange? Swap RV for another, or for a yacht or vacation home. Of course needs to be communication prior and respect of each others property. What do you think?


Anyone want to swap RVs 4 an OS holiday?


Just looking at this, have just joined a fab site called You can exchange any type of holiday home / vehicle - there is even a yacht on there !! Memberships free at the moment, so it didnt even cost me anything !! I am thinking of swapping for an RV, so get on there and I might even be in touch for a swap. Its great cos its just for people with 2nd home facilities, so you dont even have to swap at the same time, and its worldwide.
I'm in the UK, have a holiday home in Spain, but am looking to travel further afield :cool:
Anyone want to swap RVs 4 an OS holiday?

Holitrade - great idea, had the same myself. We're going to USA this year, buying a 5th wheel and truck to tour the continent for as long as they will have us. We did want to do the round trip of Australia first, but the cost of the rig is 2-3 times as much, so our idea was to leave ours in the States after we have finished and swap with something similar in Aus, or possibly Europe and in that vein, Manipants, thanks for the direction to the "swap and stay" site - I'll take a look there now.
Anyone want to swap RVs 4 an OS holiday?

Hi Manipants and Aussie Keith,

thanks for the feedback. Judging by the amount of reads this is a topic of interest to many owners. I hired a camper in Europe 2 years ago for nearly 6 weeks, and I spent a fortune, to me it was anyway. As for websites, there are a few, mine included. It's free and as Manipants mentioned there are others popping up, and diversifying away from traditional home exchange. My recommendation; If you want to exchange motor homes look for several exchange websites, and join a few of the free ones. There's no reason you can't become a member at a few free sites. That's what I do anyway. And I get offers to exchange, it works. Have a look . Happy free exchanging, and thanks for the feedback.
Anyone want to swap RVs 4 an OS holiday?

I guess you "Aussies" think a little different than me. I paid more for my MH than my first house. I'm not about to "exchange" mine with anyone.

Just because a lot of people LOOK at your posts; doesn't mean they are a "topic of interest".

Have a guday! :laugh: