Are parts available for older RVs?

[Steve] Please comment on your experiences obtaining parts, both accessory and drive train, for older motorhomes. I&#039m looking at a &#039 72 Newell Coach. I would be particularly interested in experiences with Newell and Bluebird.
Are parts available for older RVs?

[Art] Steve,

We have a 1983 Newell and have no problem finding parts. Come visit our website and take a look at our "bus".

1972 is even older than ours. I would be concerned about the ability to service the engine and drivetrain. Check with your area mechanics to see about that. The rest of the coach uses appliances and parts that are pretty much the same as in other RV&#039s. A water pump, an A/C unit, a refrigerator, a heater, etc are standard in all RV&#039s and not specific to Newell.

Body work will need to be custom done. Most of the lights and lenses are standard equipment. Newell is very helpful. They have a website at
Got to Tech Talk and ask questions.

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