AS I Type getting ready to buy 1996 Newmar Kountry Star, SUGGESTIONS before purchase?

Just to put in my 2 cents in. I just bought a 1995 Kountry Air and researching them I found them in the price range between $14,500- $38,000. I'm in the process of reconditioning it. Let me know if your get one of that year. I have been learning much.
Thanks to everyone!
Triple E;76764 said:
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First off if you have a diesel engine and the said engine is a CAT it is time to have the valves adjusted. Cost, anywhere from $200.00 to $350.00. On any diesel, is it time to change the filters, oil, fuel, transmission, water separator, air, and air dryer? Same for the generator. One thing I advise is to have an oil analysis done, cost, $15.00 to $25.00, engine, transmission and generator. Antifreeze, when was the last time the engine has been flushed and does it have antifreeze for a diesel engine, not gas, there is a difference. Also same for the generator.

Holding tanks, black and gray. ARE THEY CLEAN?!! Nothing worse then to clean out someone's waste. Be sure to test the propane system and that everything that it applies too works. A motor home is only as good as the previous owners. This motor home was top of the line when new but that was 17 years ago. How has it been taken care of?? Charge the water lines and check for leaks, again check all that applies to the water system. Open the engine cover and check for any burnt wires or leaking oil. As hollis stated, tires, if they are more then seven years old it is time to replace.

Feel around on the floors, especially around the toilet, and walls for soft spots and stains on the ceiling. This is an indication of water damage. If found RUN.

Most important, don't let the motor home fever do your judging. There are a lot of coaches to chose from. Do It Right. Please come back and let us know how it went. Good luck.
You're Right!