Atwood Water Heater Electric Heater Question.


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I have Atwood water heater on Winnebago Access (model gchga-10e) which is the 6gal combo gas/electric. Gas works fine, but the electric is not working. Symptoms: switch will not illuminate for the 110 and water doesn't appear to heat. I ASSUME that element is toast, but with the Atwood the element is on backside of unit (inside of cab) which makes replacement really difficult. I could pull it out, but that is last option and I was hoping that I might have overlooked something really simple. I checked all breakers and all good and I would put a probe on the element, but it is just to difficult without pulling it out of the unit. Any suggestions?
You should be able to go to the Atwood web site and down load a trouble shooting guide. I downloaded one for my 6 gal Atwood Gas only water heater. There should be one for your electric Atwood.