Aussies to buy an RV.

We wil be in Texas in September to buy a Class C", RV, max length 28feet. Does anybody have an opinion about buying a pre-rental as opposed to a privately owned RV from an RV dealer. We have heard that Texas has a low state purchase tax but are other states better and perhaps have more variety of RVs. We feel rather green about the whole thing and are trying to do as much research as possible before we arrive so any other tips would be very much appreciated. Thank you!! :)
Regards Ross
RE: Aussies to buy an RV.

I can't comment on tax rates and I don't know what your travel availability is but you might want to check out Florida for your buying area. I live in Baltimore, MD and for a couple years I shopped for an RV. Since I go to Florida often I looked there too and found more units there than most anywhere else I looked. You could check Ebay and Craigslist to get an idea of what is out there in each area. Good luck with the shopping. As far as buying from a rental dealer or a private owner I have to admit I would probably go with a private owner. I think that a rental would have more of a chance of being abused due to renters not having any idea of what they are doing. Versus a private owner who would be more inclined to take care of their investment.