auto park problem

96 34' Itasca 454 Pressing the brake and moving the gear selector to drive does not release the auto park . It's like the brakes are locked. Any ideas guys.


Re: auto park problem

Gonna ask a question . When you put the gear selector in park, you rv automatically sets a parking brake? :question: And when you put the gear selector in gear its suppose to automatically release the parking brake. :(
Re: auto park problem

Poppa Correct This is an option oon chev and ford chassis over 16,500 GVWL. I believe it's a fuse out under the hood. I'll be checking that this morning. We were taking it out for the 1st time Monday--Wed. Right now stuck in the driveway.
Re: auto park problem

checked under the hood. a couple of relays and 1 5amp fuse. fuse is ok. Still stuck in auto park with the rear duals locked. guess it's call the dealer tuesday. Have a nice Holiday all.
Re: auto park problem

Auto Park update
In neutral the manual parking brake can be applied. In park -a series of relays and switches are activated turning on a motor. the motor pulls a cable on a brake drum located between the transmission and the drive shaft. I had to cut a short cable at the drum to release the brake. cost of repair --a little over 1,000 dollars. splitting with the dealer. still ouch.