Auto Propane Tank on Travel Trailer

I am installing an automotive propane tank on the front of my travel trailer.

My problem comes that I don't have a vapor line on the tank that I have. Can I connect the appliances to the main tank feed, or can I install the propane tank upside down to effectivly make the main feed into a vapor feed?

Any comments appreciated.

Or should I just scrap the idea and go back to bottles?

Auto Propane Tank on Travel Trailer

Interesting project. Here in Ontario, a inspection must be done and a sticker issued before a automotive propane tank can be fueld. Have you any inspection / permitting requirement out there??

I think I'd talk to someone who does automotive propane installations. I suspect they will have to sign off your work on completion anyway.
Auto Propane Tank on Travel Trailer

Well, Technically speaking. Yes we should have it inspected.

Automotive tanks don't expire the same way as BBQ tanks. It's actually the lines that you run that expire. I'll be running the black lines that are good for 20 years.

I've spoken with a few shops. The shops that have tanks with vapor ports available say I should buy a new one from them. And the folks that don't have the tanks say it "Should" be okay.

Anyone ever attempted this before? I hardly think I'm the only froogle guy out there. :)


Auto Propane Tank on Travel Trailer

Propane piping is no area to cut corners. If there is no vapor port on the tank, you CAN NOT use it for your appliances. Hooking up to a liquid port for vapor fed appliances would be asking for an explosion. There may be someone who has "gotten away with" doing it, but that doesn't make it safe.
If you really want to persue the idea, ask your local gas inspector for a definative ruling.
Auto Propane Tank on Travel Trailer

In this province, the tank doesn't expire, but the installation does. No sticker no fill up ... just the way it is here.

Sounds like a lot of work (ie time money effort)to save a few bucks on propane.