Auto Switch-over propane question


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I am certainly feeling a little stupid, but I cannot seem to get this propane matter straight. We are coming out of a motorhome, where a gauge told us how much gas was left in the tank. We now have a 5th wheel with twin 30# tanks and automatic switch over.

I know of course that when one tank is empty, the system will automatically switch to the full tank. The red/green indicator will be red. Here is my question: Below the indicator is a knob that points either to the left or right tank. Does that knob have any function other than to remind me which tank is the empty one? I remember being told to move the knob to the full bottle when I remove the empty one. (Since the full tank will be already in use, that is what leads me to think turning the knob is only a reminder).

So, it’s far from rocket science, but I need the answer. In addition, if the knob does NOT control anything – how would it be possible to select the tank you want to use? Unlikely that would occur, but humor me. Thanks.


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Re: Auto Switch-over propane question

You should first choose which tank you want to be primary, and turn the lever to that one. Open both valves slowly. The fuel is drawn from the primary tank and the indicator shows green. When the primary tank runs dry, the indicator shows red and the regulator automatically switches to the new tank. When this occurs, you need to move the pointer to the other tank, which now become primary, the indicater now shows green, and shut off the empty tank. Remove, refill and replace the tank and turn on the valve slowly. When the new primary tank runs dry, the indicater again turns red. Repeat the process. You have to open propane valves very slowly, especially in cold weather....

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Re: Auto Switch-over propane question

You really need to follow the process outlined by Texas Camper. If you attempt to remove the empty tank (disconnect pig-tail hose) without switching the pointer valve/lever over to the full tank (green indicator), your propane from the full tank will start to flow out of the pig-tail hose that was/or is connected to the empty tank. Could cause a fire or explosion.