Average Class A diesel RV costs ???

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Looking for info from some of you out there that have been RVing a while. Can you give me some numbers for the average costs for operating a class A diesel motorhome?

Yearly maintainence costs? Per mile?

Any info will be appreciated.


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Average Class A diesel RV costs ???

We have had our Monaco for 4 years so far. Only problem we have had was the fule shutoff valve. All the rest is the same for all MH's. All have the same heaters, fridge, etc. They go out on a regular bases. Tires and batterys are just matinance issues all MH deal with. All engines are comparible. Get the best you can afford.
Average Class A diesel RV costs ???

Having owned 8 rvs ,we found that the newer units do much better on fuel
the price of a gas rv on the workhorse chassie is much lower than diesel,there are some great ones out there.
, however the diesel has many advantages ,better fuel mileage,
most have air brakes, fuel won't blow up. tune ups at 150,000 miles
(adjust valves) And much better handling/ride
Avoid 19.5 wheels 22.5 or larger handle better& wear better
There are some great buys out there in used pushers about 1/2 the sticker price try not to buy any over 4 yrs old.Ck the warrenty to see if you can transfer it. we hade great luck with Cummings 5.9
pushing a 36 ft ,getting 9.9 to 11 mpg
Average Class A diesel RV costs ???

Good Insurance $ 1500.00
Do it yourself oil & filter changes(includes Tranny) $ 350.00
do it wash & wax twice a yr $ 50.00
Tires pro rated for 5 yrs --per yr 6 tires $260.00
based on 18,000 miles per yr