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:question: I've lived in my RV (2001 Fleetwood Flair) for 3 years and my (now ex) boyfriend took care of the awning. I think it's a Carefree, but don't know how to tell. Now that he's gone, I'm lost. What is the name of the piece that you use the rod to pull on and unlock the awning for opening and closing? I'm currently using vice grips. Also, what are the silver, rectagluar pieces, near the top? What are they called and what are they supposed to do? Mine appear to be broken. Any and all advice is appreciated.


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well first of all ,, welcome to the forum ,, now let's see if we can figure this out for u ,,,
1) are u trying to say the little silver hook thingy that u pull the strap with ???

2) if not on above ,, i think u may be speaking of the out and up lever (not what's called ,, be trying to get more info ....)

3) The retangler things are the awning arm locks ,, they lock it while the rv is in motion and also lock the outrigger arms ,, when the awning is out ,,

If u can get the awning out ,, look on the arms ,, anywhere ,, there should be a sticker saying weather it's an A&E or a carefree ,,,
please post us back on the results of this
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730 has the right ideas. The little lever is the release latch for the spring inside the tube. Your suppose to use the long (separate piece from the awning) steel like rod that has a round like circle at one end and an "L" at the other end to release the latch lever and to also pull down on the center strap (slides in the track) to pull the awning out after you release the lever. Once it is down, you move/slide the side support bars (untighten the black screw like round release to unlock the slide bar) to the out end by the awning tube where they should lock in place by pushing down on the small rectangular piece on under side of main awning supports at each end. When you put is back up, be careful of spring tension when you manually relase the release latch as it is spring loaded. You have to pull down on the rectangular silver thingys the relase the side support bars so you can slide them back against the trailer. BTW, when you have the support bars entended, retighten the black round screw locks to lock them in place.
Well, that is pretty confusing, so the best thing is to make a pot of coffee and a bunch of cookies and if ya leave the windows open, someone camped real close will walk by shortly and you can offer them some coffee and cookies and while they are eating, casually bring up the subject of the awning and see if they can help. If the cookies are real good, they will come back often to get more and you can make a deal to have them work the awning for cookie pay.
Have fun..... ;)
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Thank you, Archer and 730! I really apreciate your time and advice. I found the sticker: Sunchaser by Domestic. I think my release latechs are broken. Are they tough to replace ~ I'm not the mechanical type. Also, when I first bought the RV, I remember he used the long rod to stick into the end of the awning tube to release something. It's missing and that's where I'm using the vice grips to turn a little button that sticks out of the end. I understand the use of the rod, the strap and the locking knobs on the support arms. The rest has me baffled...
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I agree with DL.
You need someone to look at your awning who understands it's operation. If the lever on the ratchet is lost or broken off, your right torsion spring needs replacing. It will cost you about $60.00 plus installation. It is installed with rivets and the spring has to be wound with the correct amount of turns.
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I just cameback from West virginia and my awening go completely ripped off in a horrific Thunderstorm. I ran an erron and was gone for 2 hrs., when I left it was sunny and 90 degrees when I came back my awening was all jacked up. I am currently waiting for my new awening to be installed before I head to Myrtle Beach.


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hey Todd i'll instl that awning for u for almost free ,, all i need is a sight in MB ,, and i'll install it for ,,, hows that sound ;) :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :evil: :evil: :evil: