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As spring draws near, I'm beginning to think about camping season here in Ohio and would like some input on an idea I have. We have a seasonal spot at a campground and I'm thinking about unhooking the 2 awning supports from the side of my 25' mallard and placing them on the concrete patio instead. I get tired of ducking under them all of the time. The supports just clip into the brackets and my thought is to buy a second set of brackets and mount them to the concrete patio. Has anyone tried this? Currently I also use 2 straps to prevent the wind from catching the awning, I imagine I could continue to do this too. Seems like most everyone on this board has been camping much longer than me so, I'm hoping to benefit from some of your wisdom.


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Re: awning supports

If you can anchor you extra brackets to the concrete, you should be OK if you can keep your rafters tight. Your straps will help a lot!

I actually have a couple of customers who do this with wooden decks and seems to work. Just be ready to put it all back together if bad weather comes in.


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Re: awning supports

GTS is right about putting your awning back in if bad weather comes...he had to come to my site last year to clean up after I made that mistake! Does the wind generally come from one direction where you camp? I changed the orientation of my camper last year (actually GTS did) and it made all of the difference in the world (for the worse). We're building a deck under the awning this spring and are going to have to play around with this idea all over again! Our general rule, now, is drop the awning down when we leave and put it away completely when we know bad weather is coming. We're lucky enough to camp in a campground where the caretaker will go to our site and put our awning away during the week if we ask him to due to the weather.