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First is it automatic or manual. If auto I don't have a manual but you might get one online. If manual, get on a ladder and look for the problem on the coach end(miss fit someway). If you can roll it in by hand and it is fitted properly you most likely have a broken spring in on end or the other. This is a do it yourself IF YOU HAVE SEEN IT DONE BEFORE as they are finger or more breakers if not done correctly.



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I don't exactly know the 8500 but I'd nudge the awning in the proper direction as it's rolling up. This is of course if it's a manual awning...

On my old manual one you had to lift up on the support arm a little to get it to lock in. Also sometimes it wouldn't roll up straight so I would have to unroll it and guide it slowly as it rolled back up.

Clay L

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Make sure the pull strap is centered on the awning tube as you roll it up. If it isn't centered it can pull the awning to one side and the arms won't fit over each other. I used a marker to mark the center of the the tube so I know where to position the strap when I start to let it roll up.
If your awning always rolls off to the same side simply roll the awning completely down and place a small piece of paper about the size of a dollar bill folded in half.Place this as close to the tube as possible on the opposite side to the way cloth is going. The tightness of the roll will keep it in place.Then roll the awning up and check the rolling.If it goes too far the other way halve the paper,If not enough ,add more paper until it all rolls straight.Make sure the paper you use will not leech color onto your awning cloth. This will also work on any rolling type blind on a smaller scale of course.Don't use coins though.:D:stupid: regards BIG BILKO:applause: