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I have a Starcraft Antigua with an outside awning. There is no info in any of my paperwork about how this thing works. Rather than calling the dealer...we decided to try to open it ourselves. Well, it was like a weird episode of I Love Lucy...Is there on line instructions for these things? We have it up...but I'm not sure we can get it down. Also, can one person do this or do we need a crew???? Please help. Thanks


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Re: awning

You didn't say what brand awning you had. They all work pretty much the same with the exception of the locks. If you go to the Carefree of Colorado site you can download a manuel. I would think you could get one at A&E also. Good Luck


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Re: awning

Assuming it is a manual awning, there is probably a 'direction catch' on one end of the roller, and a knob and/or spring latch on each support. One person can (fairly) easily open and close it, if you have the long wire hook thingy needed.

I haven't done it in a while, so won't attempt to provide instructions, and you would best be served by getting the manual for your actual awning anyway. In general, you set the direction latch (using the hook) for the direction you want to go, and use the strap with the hook to roll the awning up or down. The knob and spring latch are to extend or collapse the support arms.

Keep in mind that most awnings are not 'wind friendly', so take them down when you will be gone a while or windy conditions threaten.