For the second my awning has unrolled whilst travelling. Looking for any tips on this problem. my rv is a coachmen mirada 34ft and I was never happy with the locking mechanism as you cannot tell at a glance whether it is locked or not. The arms lock ok but if the latch on the roller is not in the locked position the fabric unrolls over the roof.(not much fun) i THOUGHT i MIGHT PUT 2 STRAPS ON THE SDE TO BUCKLE AWNING into the rolled up position. This will involve manually buckling and unbuckling straps but it will make sure it wont unroll. regards from downunder Trevor. Ps Dont want a hydrogen powered awning thanks. :clown: :laugh:


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Re: awning

The first thing that I would do is to have the mechanical parts in the end where it latches replaced as they clearly have stripped. Each time the awning is forced to unroll it makes it worse and at some point it will stop working.

Second, there are several after market products that will help to solve the problem by applying a second lock to the other end of the roller tube. The one that we have is called "Awning Lock" and works by applying a brake band which can be locked on the trailing end of the roller tube. There are several other products that also work.