Back from our first 10 day trip out

I'd like to tell everyone what a great trip we had. The book The Next Exit is a must for all newbie's. So wonderful to have! We started out rainy from Illinois til mid way in Ind. then a little wind. By the time we got into Ky sunshine and green grass. Trees had buds on them. The gas stations had not been a problem I'm so happy to say. We camped at Good Sams and the spot was good for us. We made new friends and they shared infomation about using State parks for camping. One just down the highway was called Big Bone Lick, must say we laughted over that for days. Had all kinds of weather and one earthquake. Learned that I forgot to check the caulking before we left. But it was fixed during our stay.
Had pretty much all we needed during our 10 trip, so that made me feel great. I'd like to say Thank you for all your help out there to help make our trip so very nice. I truly can't wait to go out again!!


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Re: Back from our first 10 day trip out


Congrats on the first outing. I to agree the "The Next Exit is awesome".

I find also that the AAA campbooks are good also. An example where AAA helped us was when we waited too late to get a spot up in Willamsburg Va. The AAA campbook listed a small church campground. Gave it a whirl and it was really nice. Only 15 spots, water, electric pool etc. Only 4 other campers there and it was not mentioned in "The next Exit".

Another source of great info if you can find a states camping association on the web they usally have there own guides and are free. For example we love to go to Pennsylvania and there free directory is awesome. Provides somewhat the same info as "The Next Exit" layed out differently. I signed up for one three years ago and now I get a new one every year.



Re: Back from our first 10 day trip out

Kerri,, very glad u had a good trip on u'r first time out ,, and bty ,, the next trip should start to show rv probs,, not big ones (don't worry) but they will show up ,, as in rattles and drawer probs ,, but this is part of rving ,, and again glad u had a great 10 day trip :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: ;)


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Re: Back from our first 10 day trip out

Kerri glad you had a good trip first time out and I know your looking forward to many more trips to come. Have fun and enjoy.
RE: Back from our first 10 day trip out

Your right about little problems. I don't understand about all the different kinds of caulking. Could someone please help me with that.
The screw driver is working. Little things just need to be tight ed up. When the weather is nicer and the winds stops, to the top of the camper I go. The rubber roof needs cleaned and so does the outside walls. Doors need a little oil, and my levelers need some grease. What's my next lesson. General maintaince!