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If anyone could give a lady some leads on why back-up cam just suddenly stopped working while parked. I have checked fuses (unless I missed one)? Would sure appreciate help. :(
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Maybe it needs to be in reverse? :question:

Welcome to the forum, lady! (FYI, you ought to take your email off your Control Panel. Someone might send you bad stuff!)

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Re: back up camera

Does your camera have an A & B? If so, press the A button and see if it works. Worked on mine for a while before I found I had pressed the B button at some point.


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Re: back up camera

If it not a button or switch in the wrong position, then some electrical gizmo may have just given up the ghost.

When you say it 'stopped working' I presume you mean the display is 'off', not that the display is on but the picture is gone.

In this case, check the rear to insure that the power and ground are still connected (on or the other may have become disconnected). If the unit has power connected, measure the voltage right at the display to insure that is 12 to 14 volts. If it has correct power and won't come on, the odds are good that the display is fried.