Well...I'm back, it's been a while and boy do I have a story to tell! I guess I would consider it a miracle. Between God & my dealership....I would have to say I've been blessed. Here's some background:

Since my first post(05 F350 superduty lemon...$5 OBO, by badford), the problems continued. Finally, a tech from the region determined the motor needed replacing. After a $20k motor...turbo and all, I hoped all would finally be ok...400 miles later...guess what....yep, complete and total breakdown! 10 more times, each 400-500 mile intervals. I had lost all hope, techs couldn't fix it, everything had been replaced 5 times! I finally looked to the owner of my home dealership for some help, I'll give the name because without their help I would truly be up a creek.

Huntersville Ford in North Carolina stepped in and initiated a buy-back, which is like pulling teeth (dealing w/ detroit). I was shocked to learn the buyback would go through after I coughed up $12k for milage! My jaw dropped. I attempted to keep my composure, but after what I've been through with the truck thats "Built Ford Tough"...well, you can imagine my thoughts and plans!!! Anyway, after all of this and a final total of 25 or so total breakdowns...a new motor, 3 or 4 turbos, probably 50 injectors, high pressure oil pumps, hoses, seals, gaskets, o-rings, and a bunch of other **** I've never even heard of, once again my dealership stepped up.

I had another meeting with the owner and my service manager...truly the best in the business, regardless of the truck. They asked for additional help from Ford considering the unbelievable situation I was going through. happened...yes the hand of God (and the hands of Dan and Randy @ Huntersville Ford)coming down from the heavens. I received a post-christmas phone call. They would buy the truck back, limiting my milage penalty to the milage at the time of the 3rd breakdown for the same complaint...then cutting the penalty amount in half! They even gave me a credit for a portion of the tow bills and my extended warranty. I was absolutely amazed and unbelievably thankful for the dealership and their efforts. I have a new faith in Ford and especially my dealership for standing up for of their customers.

I will be taking posession of a brand new 06 F350 dual rear wheel 6.0 liter, and while I'm a little apprehensive, I believe that Ford has recognized it's 6.0 problems....and changed and redesigned many aspects of the once troublesome engine . In addition, I know I have the best guys in the business to back me up....even if the process took a little longer than I would have liked!

So for all of you with 6.0 problems...I feel your pain. I lost alot because of this was the heart of my business. My suggestion would be to pray...if that doesn't work, try to get help from your dealer...hopefully they are as talented as my guys, if that doesn't work...put it in the drink and try the 06...I hear it's an awesome truck!

P.S. I'll be sure to let you know!

I'm glad for you and hope your troubles with the 6.0 are behind you. Wish I would of bought my 03 from a reputable dealer.


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I hope that you now have as great a service from this one as we have had with our V-10 powered motorhome! I'd bet that you have had a truely "Happy New Year!"


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So, tell us, how is your new 06 F350 doing? I just bought one new from a Ford dealer and everything works fine at 5k miles.