Bathtub problems

Hi again,
I have noticed that my bathtub has been making a crackle sound when I stand in it to take a shower. At first it was just in one place, but it seems to be multiplying. I have checked for cracks in the tub and there are none. Has anyone had this problem, or does anyone know what this could be, and if it is major. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I just remembered this forum, and am so happy to be here. I live full-time in my RV.

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Bathtub problems

Hi Poppa,
Thank you for replying. It is a 1995 and was excellently maintained when I got it a couple of years ago. And until the last couple of months, I have only used it intermittently. We had a bad rain a year ago that and I had a leak occur on the roof at the seam to the side, but that was on the opposite side of the RV and there is no indication of soft flooring anywhere. Thanks so much for your help! Now I am wondering if it could be a leveling problem, as fridge has decided to not stay cold! Ummmmm.....



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Bathtub problems

If you can, look under the tub to see what kind of support it has. There should be some access panels that can be removed to work on the plumbing. From there by use of a light you should be able to see the supports. Most of the tubs have some blocks attached to the bottom of the tub which should contact the floor under the tub.

On ours, there was an area that would flex so when I looked under the tub the support block in that area was not quite touching the floor. I used two of the cedar wedges that are sold as shims in the home stores for use in installing windows or doors in houses, to slide under the block to fill the gap. I spread glue between the shims and also the block to hold everything in place. That solved the problem.
Bathtub problems

Thank you SO MUCH, Kirk! I will do that today! Wow, that sounds so easy, I will be able to do it! :laugh: I inherited this RV a couple of years ago, and knew absolutely NOTHING about RV's. I was afraid to even look and see how to light the hot water heater, or even if it had to be lighted. As time goes by, more little problems, but I am learning! No pain, no gain! Thanks again so much! :blush: