Battery going dead

Have 2 new optermir batterys that go dead after a couple weeks these are in 1995 carri lite 5th wheel with nothing left on any ideas???? sorry about spelling of battery names but i think you can tell the brand they are topf the line batterys :angry :( :(

C Nash

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Re: Battery going dead

Are you cutting the batteries off at the disconnect switch? If not it would be normal for the batteries to discharge in this length of time. There are several things that pull on them even though you turn everything off in the rv.
Re: Battery going dead

Things to check. 1. LP alarm(some cannot be turned off)
2. Clock on stereo or monitor panel (cannot be turned off)
3. CO alarm
Though these don't draw much power, in a two week period it adds up. Get a battery disconect and install it between the battery and load. Get a 100/500 amp rated one.


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Re: Battery going dead

Most stereo clocks and all CO alarms draw power in the mili-amp range and would take momths to discharge a battery in good condition, but the LP alarm would do so if it is one that has a gas shut-off valve because the valves draw power to stay open. The easiest way to see if there is some phantom load that is doing this, just lift the negative cable from the post when you get back and monitor the voltage of the battery. If the voltage changes less than .5V in the two weeks, you have found the problem. The next thing is to locate the cause.


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Re: Battery going dead

I do that...disconnect when it is gonna sit for awhile without charging. I usually put the charger on coach battery just before I'm ready to start before. Of course, I check fluid level and connections for any problems.
Re: Battery going dead

Allthe guys are right, either disconnect a battery or install a disconnect switch 35 bucks worth.
Re: Battery going dead

I bought my battery disconnect switch(100 amp continuos 500 amp peak) at Harbor Freight Tools for $2.98. Its one of those with the little red plastic key. Works great.