Battery storage

Hello- I have a Jayco pop up trailer with a Optimum 12 volt deep cycle battery. We had bad luck storing ours last year- it was brand new and after bringing it into our basement for the winter, we re-charged it and it was never the same- didn't hold the charge or fully charge back. Someone mentioned that there is a devise that "runs" your battery and that we should hook up to it several times throughout the off season to keep it primed. Does anyone have any suggestions. It is a good quality battery and we would like to have it last. Thanks. Susan
Battery storage

you could get a battery tender. it keeps the battery charged when it needs and keeps it on a slow slow charge to hold the charge. must read the package tho cause some can't be used on the deep cycle batteries
Battery storage

If you only recharged it when you were ready to put it back in that could be the problem. Also, don't store it on the cement. Put a block of wood under it and charge it once a month at 2 amps for a half hour. When you first bring it in make sure it is full of water and clean before you starting charging. If you do it like this you could use the same battery for many years trouble free.
Good Luck
Battery storage

hey bush70 the optima deep cycles are a sealed battery no need for water. but the whole cement thing some batteries are affected by that.
Battery storage

"the whole cement thing"

Well, now, no one has ever been able to explain that to me. You know ... how putting a battery on concrete will discharge it.

Yeah, yeah, I know you've tried it both ways. Right now I don't care about your experiences with it.

I want someone to give me an explanation for this "phenom". Ok? I don't want to die without knowing the mechanism!