Battery's will not charge


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My 93 Pace Arrow with a Ford chassis will not charge the battery's when plugged into a 30 amp source.

If I drive the coach the main and aux battery's charge fine.

We are staying in one place for the next 6 months so I would like to repair this.
I am using a battery charger to charge the house batteries.

Is there a way to check the converter?

How about the solenoids?

Any help, links, is greatly appreciated.



Gary B

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Battery's will not charge

Hi Steve, your Pace should have a electrical battery disconnect, is it in the on postion, is the solinoid working? To do a quick check of the converter, the easiest way is to have a digital voltmeter, and check to see how many volts its puting out, 12.5 to 13.5 would be about normal. If you could post more information about the type of converter you have it would help. On my Bounder it is in a seperate compartment and only has 2 leads coming from it and that where you take your reading, some are a part of the 12 volt dist. panel with the fuses etc all in one unit, and they have a seperate line for battery charging and you would have to check there. My guess is that your battery solinoid is off or not working. Good luck in your search, GB

Carl J

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Battery's will not charge

Steve, my '90 Pace Arrow has the AC and DC on/off switches in a
compartment over the main entrance door. Find yours and press the
DC switch to the "on" position. If you have a voltmeter, you can then
check the voltage at the coach batteries---should read 13 or a little
more. I turn mine off during extended storage and turn it on for a
couple of days every 2 or 3 weeks to charge up. This cuts down on
the loss of water from the batteries and has worked fine for me in
an area that does not get real cold. Carl


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Battery's will not charge

I have had to find the circuit breaker on my Hurricane.usually behind the hood.GL :) :laugh: ;)