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This story is sad but true. It is hard to imagine someone doing such a thing. Maybe someone can help in locating this couple. They are known to travel a lot and stay in campgrounds.
The links include pictures of the couple.


If you have any information about these suspects, please call the Arkansas State Police at 800 553 3820.

Arkansas State Police announced today that first degree murder warrants have been issued in the death of a baby girl found abandoned in a camper trailer.

Warrants were issued for 27 year old Jason M. Hann and 22 year old Krissy L. Hann. The two are believed to be the parents of the baby who was estimated to be just under one year old.

A Benton man bought the camper in an auction last October after it had been abandoned at a Wynne storage facility. The baby was found dead in the camper February 18th.

Investigators say they do not know where the couple are. The trailer had New Hampshire plates and Jason Hann had a New Hampshire driver's license. Police say Krissy Hann had a Texas driver's license.

Police say the couple travels the country going from campground to campground.

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Be On The Lookout!

That is really distrubing stuff! I took the liberty of posting it (cut-n-paste in it's entirety) in the pop-up times forum as well. This story needs to get as much exposure as possible...

We live in a sick world!


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Be On The Lookout!

I am still trying to figure out how they thought they would get away with doing that to their kids. I'm really sad for the 2 children who were killed. They didn't deserve what happened to them. Krissy Hann, as the mother, ought to be beaten to death herself. Stupid Bitch!
She knew her husband had done this stuff, why did she continue to stay with him; and not go to the authorities?
Anyone ............comments?

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Be On The Lookout!

Certainly glad they were caught. This kind of stuff makes me sick to my stomach. I would hope they are prosecuted to the fullest extent.

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