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I am new to the rv world and I have been looking for about 6 months for a motorhome. has anyone purchased an 2008 forest river Berkshire and if so i have a few questions .
1. How is the power should I go with the larger 350 hp cummings.
2. I am in a colder climate and concerned about heated storage and heated water and waste tanks. This model does not offer them and can they be added on by my self.
3. I will be using the home as a Week ender and not living in it. Is the 18 cubic ft. fridge adequate.
If you have this model, any feedback would be appreciated. Sincerely Wayne


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Re: berkshire pusher

You may want to check out the Forest River thread here. Some people have had problems with them producing units with problems and not providing adequate warrantee service.

The size of engine would depend on the weight of the unit. I have the 350 Cummins, and it works quite well in a 32000 pound motorhome rated for 10,000 pound of towing (although I have not towed anything yet). However, this engine, like all diesels, has been redesigned for the new USLD fuel by federal requirement, and whether there are any problems with this new engine is not yet known. Also, diesels don't 'store' as well as gassers, they can be hard to start in the cold, and the fuel can 'jell' in the cold.

Heated storage is not really a deal breaker, but if the tanks are not heated, it is highly unlikely that the unit is designed for cold weather. So even if the tanks are enclosed and you manage to heat them, there is a good chance that the rest of the plumbing is at risk from the cold, and the comfort to the occupant may suffer as well.


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Re: berkshire pusher

If you have not found the thread about Forest River products, they have a pretty poor reputation and from what I have observed, it is well deserved. The engine manufacturer is called Cummins and has no "g" in it. Not a big deal, but some folks think it is. All of the better quality motorhomes today are built with insulated and heated bays where there is plumbing or tanks.

Let me suggest that as a new RV buyer you would do very well to spend a few bucks and join the RV Consumer Group and take advantage of the educational materials and RV ratings that they have for members. You can find them at


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RE: berkshire pusher

I agree with Kirk on the RV consumer group. I just received my packet with the CD's and book and have found it to be very informative. The ratings allow you to weed out the less than desirables rv's from the good ones in no time at all.