Best Route Canada to North Carolina


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HI All,

We are planning a trip from New Brunswick Canada to North Carolina the first of April. Any sugestions in the route, we would like to bypass some of the Major cities without going so far west that we add many hours to our trip? We will try to do the trip in two solid days and will overnight either in an inexpensive campground or Wall Mart parking lot. I would think we would be somewheres in Pennsylvania for our overnighter (any suggestions where to overnight). To add to the equation we will be hauling a Trail-lite Hybrid with my three kids under 5 years old, so we will have to put out one end of the trailor to accomidate the kids.

We are thinking of staying at Pirate Land in Myrtle Beach, is this the best location for kids in this area? The Lazy River looks cool and based on the site they say the average temperature in Myrtle Beach is 75 degrees this time of year. Any comments, advice, or suggestions would be appreciated as this will be our first long trip with our trailor.


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Best Route Canada to North Carolina

we never get that far North,but We travel from NC to MA/CT area in the summer.I suppose your best bet is to take I-95 to I-84,and into I-81 in PA,although traffic around Hartford can be a real headache at times.We stay in Carlisle PA. Either campground is OK,and prices are about 25 per night. In Winchester VA get onto 17/50 and get back to I-95. Take 295 to avoid the mess around Richmond,and the rest should be a piece of cake. We stay at Ocean Lakes,but a friend of mine who goes there more freqeently says that Pirateland is better. This has been a rough winter everywhere so check the weather. Temps this week at the beach w'ont get out of the 50's but should be much better by April. Have a nice trip. Will

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Best Route Canada to North Carolina

Hi Bill,
Just a few thoughts on your directions. I travel from western MA to Maine every so often.
When you cross into Mass., get off I-95 onto I-495. That will take you to I-90 just east of Worcester, well away from Boston. Worcester rush hour can be hectic, but after hearing the tales, I won't go near Boston at heavy traffic time. (this part WILL save you time & miles)
You can get to I-84 from I-86 (exit 9), but if you are going to be near Hartford, CT any time near rush hour (3 or 4 lanes per side going a a snail's pace), you may want to consider going west on I-90 and down I-87 to pick up I-84 in New York state. This is a few more miles, but may save time, depending on when you go through. From the western edge of Massachusetts I can be in PA in 3 hours without pushing it.
After you get to I-84, follow Will's advice to the letter. I went through NJ on I-95 once and that was enough for me.
That should get you around most of the urban traffic. Have a wonderful trip.