Best Way To Seal Window Frame Screws??

I have a 1984 Fleetwood Wilderness 23' TT and have discovered that rain water is leaking in around the screws that hold the rear window frame in. How is the best way to repair this situation without making it look ugly?

I could caulk over top of each screw head but it would look terrible. I could back out each screw, apply a dab of 5200 or similar product to each, and re-tighten but you could likely never get them out again.

Any good sugestions for doing a nice pro-looking job without a major ordeal? I plan to sell the unit soon and want the repair to look nice.

Thanks, Dave
Best Way To Seal Window Frame Screws??

i would say to back the screws out 1 by 1 and put caulking or sealant around the threads and screw them back in