Beware of membership clubs

[Steve B] Anyone interested in joining a membership club such as Coast to Coast, should ask their home park about their cancellation policy. Our home park, Travel Resorts of America, says if you decide you no longer want the membership, you must either sell it or give it away (it doesn&#039t matter as long as someone continues to pay the monthly dues). If you stop using your facilities and wish to stop paying the dues, you&#039ll take a hit on your credit report. You may however pay an astronomical fee to just "walk away". I don&#039t know if all the home parks have the same policies, but a word to the wise, READ THE CONTRACT !!!
Beware of membership clubs

[Jim M] Steve: Right on--Another problem you didn&#039t mention, your home park (mine is a good example) might be very restrictive in it&#039s rules and regs. For example mine had a check in time of 2:00 pm on a check out time of 10:00 AM! Now if these times seem a little unreasonable consider that they charge you 50 bucks late check out fee. They do! They did this to me! We left about noon and got a bill later. They also have a similar penalty fee if you reserve a site and show up late or not at all.