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I have bought a 93 gulfstream camper but I cannot clean the black streaks from it. I have tried the black streak remover,,, did not work for me. Are there any tricks to this.
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Believe it or not but I put a bar of Lava soap in an old sock. get it good and soapy and it will take them right off. Before this I went to Dollar Tree and bought a cleaner called Awesome and used it. Both worked great.
Good Luck
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We sell a product (and use it all the time) called Reliable. It will clean anything you put it on. Your camper, awning, grill, boat, car, truck. And with has no harsh chemicals that will ruin decals or paint and will not scratch. If you want more information, private message me and I will be happy to get you some.

Several people here have gotten it from me and all will say it works.
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Count me as one of those satisfied customers! My neighbor is wanting to buy some after I showed him how it 'melts' love bugs off his grill. I'm going to keep him supplied with a small quantity just to torture him! ;)


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One word or warning about Reliable, if you get some keep it away from the wife or you will have to buy two jugs! Ken sold me some and he is absolutely right about the cleaning ability of the product but he failed to warn me about loosing it to the little lady! I'm going to have to get busy and order another jug from his website ASAP since I no longer have any of my own. Wife says it is the best kitchen/bath cleaner on the market. I insist that it is for cleaning things on the outside!


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Hey ken I have just placed my order as well. Interesting your site said I had a paypal account. I have never used paypal and interesting to know I have an account that I have never used. I sent special instructions on where to send it as well.

C Nash

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When all else fails just paint the rv black :eek: . Awesome is awesome but you might want to try it on a spot before using as you should any product. Think the reliable that Ken sells is the best bet. Iam going to try it when I get the energy to wash mine again.
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Daily Double,

Yes it will. The secret is to spray it on the trailer or boat or what ever.....with the unit dry, let it sit about 30 seconds. Then follow with a soapy brush and rinse.
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Kenny, I can answer that about the boat vinyl.

We cleaned our vinyl up on our pontoon boat recently. There wasn't really mildew, but lots of dust had settled over on it from being stored (covered) over the winter. We tried soap/water on one of the couches and Reliable on the other. The Reliable was thinned down to a 10:1 ratio.

The difference was very visible. The Reliable couch looked like new again. (It's a 4 year old boat.)

So, I took a paper towel, soaked it in the Reliable solution and wiped down the top of the soap-cleaned couch. I could see additional dirt that came off on the white towel.

I'm convinced that it is better than soap, and I've seen no problems on the vinyl in the weeks since as we've been using it heavily.

I am going to wipe it down with a vinyl treatment before we store it again, too.
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Ok, you got me. I just ordered a gallon. My only cleaning problem is mildew on all my caulking around things like the water fill door, cable hook up door, ect.
Thanks, Barney