Black water tank/Holding tank

I have a 78 Beaver Class C,
I have a crack in the tank and the process of having it replaced.

The RV shop made a big deal out of how the bath room sink and the shower both emptied straight into the black water tank, with no P traps to keep bacteria and stench from coming back into the coach..

The said this was totally illegal and wouldnt fly today with the new laws.

If I had the same tank made but had the sewer line holes drilled in a way to allow for P traps, would this be safe and sanetary enough?

They said the sink and shower should drain into a gray water tank, not my black tank.

My friend said I should always make sure theres enough water in the black tank, so my poop doesnt harden and incase the inside of the holding tank.

Also, is 550 a fair price for a replaced 35 Gallon black water tank?


DL Rupper

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Re: Black water tank/Holding tank

Your friend was right. :bleh: How much more do they want to put in a gray water tank or is it even possible? You will fill the single tank really fast and would be much better off with 2 tanks.
Re: Black water tank/Holding tank

I thought so at forst as well, but one variable missing is that I only have so big of an area to fit teh black water tank. If I have a seperate baffle molded into the new tank for teh gray water, the tank is still going to be the same size, only now I lose a little area for teh baffle, plus I am paying extra for it. The area teh tank sits in is teh same size whether I have one black tank in there, or one black tank sitting next to a gray water tank.


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Re: Black water tank/Holding tank

If you don't have a gray tank full of relatively clean water when you dump the black tank, you won't be able to (easily) clean the sewage out of your hose and other external sewage components.