bleeding power steering system (please)

I have a 1982 Pace Arrow motor home, I just replaced the power steering unit and I need to bleed the system. The high pressure line run to the mater brake cylinder setup and the 2 low pressure line run to the steering column. The steering whine loud and I need to fix this. Any help would be appreciated

bleeding power steering system (please)

For all of you out there, you must lift the front tires of the ground and turn wheel from side to side with engine off, 10 to 20 times.In worst cases it might take more. Making sure fluid stays full. This will bleed all the air out of the system.


Gary B

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bleeding power steering system (please)

Hi Louie, thanks for the imformation, I sure didn't know that. I first thoought that you just added the fluid and it was self bleeding, but then got to thinking about that system and didn't know.
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bleeding power steering system (please)

Thanks cas234. That reminds me, before I bought my oldtimer, that steering whine was one of the things I wanted fixed. Now I know what to do if it happens again. Thanks :cool: