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New England in the spring & summer

Planning a trip up along the Maine coast this spring or summer? Maybe a trip to Arcadia National Park? There are lots of exciting things to do in that area. During one of our visits, we went to Bar Harbor and went out on the large New England ground swells to do some whale watching. The seas were calm that day and the local seal population was mostly all basking along the shores as we entered the Atlantic Ocean in our quest to watch the Humpbacks dive for food.

Our guide was a seasoned whale watcher with graduate degrees in Marine Sciences. She had been following the Humpbacks along the Maine coast for more than seven years and knew the names of all that we saw that day. She had pictures and drawings that identified them individually.

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Just about every traveling RVer will spend some time at Rapid City, SD. There are too many attractions to view during a two week stop. Normally we stay at the Ellsworth AFB FAMCAMP. The base MWR has a small fleet of tour vans that go to nearly all attractions. They pick-up and return to the FAMCAMP. We have found that most of the drivers (mostly retired military) are very knowledgeable about the areas they take us.

The 1880s train ride takes about all day. It leaves Keystone, SD and travels to Hill City, SD where there are shops and places to have lunch while the train is readied for the return trip. It’s a beautiful ride on a clear warm day with lots of wildlife to view along the way. On our trip, there was a wild horse round-up taking place near Hill City and we had a good view of those that had already been stabled.


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Yuma, AZ

We have wintered twice at Yuma. Both times we stayed at the same seniors (55+) RV Park. There is so much to do there it never got boring.

On this particular side trip, we drove up to Martinez Lake on the Colorado River where we could take an old paddle wheel boat ride on the river. The weather was clear and calm, and we saw wild mountain goats and bald eagles on our boat ride.

The federal lands in AZ & CA are popular boon docking places along sections of our river boat ride. Because the waters are slow running and deep with vegetation along the shorelines in this section of the river between dams the fishing is great.

The Marine Corps Air Station has a smallish RV park on the river in the Martinez River area. Most sites are W/E only and there are a few rental cabins. There is a small marina there where you can rent powered Jon boats. They can be used for some great fishing or rubbernecking.


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