Boondocking in mexico


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I have a campervan and plan to leave for Mexico in a couple of weeks ,as I travel down highway 15 and at PV go down the coast to the end and back up thru the interior on main roads ,will I be able to find frre sites ? what about camping on semi desserted beaches ? Can I just pull off the road onto un cultivated /fenced land and sleep ? I dont plan to stay on the roadside except to sleep ..The van is a GM Astro mini van and can park anywhere in a town ..Is there any publications regarding Boondocking in Mexico ?

C Nash

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Boondocking in mexico

Wll check with some of the Mexicans iin our area Neil and see what they have to say. We got plent of them here. Come to Alabama and you will think you are in Mexico. I would think boondocking down there might be a little dangerous but, I don,t know