Bowling Green Kentucky Camping


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Hello all and a little help is requested!! I am going to Bowling Green Kentucky to attend "Camping Worlds" RV Technical school for 2 months starting in Sept.
Could you give me any recomendations for where to stay for that time. All I was told about was a KOA campground, I'm not sure if I want to pay the "High Prices" that I have heard about here in the discussion groups.
Thank-You for your help....... :laugh:
Bowling Green Kentucky Camping

Check for information on "Beech Bend Park". That used to be the place to stay. Also with BG being so close to Mammoth Cave, finding a place to camp should not be a problem. Search the "yellow pages" online for campgrounds in BG. I search the yellow page for everything when I am planning a trip anywhere. You can find out ahead of time exactly what is there (entertainment, restuarants, ect.) and where it is located. To find them go to and a link to it will be on their main page.