brake contoller issues


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I have a 2003 ford F-250 and used the the factory hook up for the brake controller and I have a reese contoller. When i am not hooked up to the camper it only has the dot come on when i hit the brakes witch it correct. But when i hook up the camper it still only has the dot when i hit the brakes and the trailer brakes dont work. But if i turn on my headlights they work. and the digital display has a reading on it. My question is why does it only work when my light are on.


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Re: brake contoller issues

Sounds like it is not hooked up correctly.

As I remember, when they hooked up the trailer to my factory harness, they had to add a fuse or 2 in the fuse box. Hard to see how that would cause your symptoms, but an indication that the factory set up may not be quite ready to tow.