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What year is your truck? Newer models have a plug under the dash, making it an easy job. I assume you have a plug on the rear. It does depend on how the dealer ordered the truck a first.


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If you have the towing package, including the 7 pin outlet at the rear, it can be from trivial (as GTS says) to pretty easy. If you don't have the trailer wiring harness, it can be rather more tricky.


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I have an older Ford; 1993 CC Dually witch was easy; just had to plug it together with the harness provided under the center of the dash by ash tray. The catch was with the hazard lights on the trailer brakes were on! Campers World does sell isolation diodes in a kit form with instructions if you have this problem.
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My truck is a 2000 F250 Diesel. I did see a brake controler at a autopart store and I did notice it said that some trucks do have a connector under dash. What does that connector look like? My truck does have the tow package so I assume it does have that connector but like I said, what does it look like?

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Your trucks plug is gray in color roughly an inch tall and 3/4 inch wide. The hard part is where Ford put the plug. Must have been one of their better ideas. :evil: It is located to the right of the dash board mounted on the BACK of a steel bracket.

Looking under the steering wheel, take the panel off that is held on by 4 large plastic locks. A coin works great on them. Look to the right and the plug can be seen through a hole in the metal bracket.

Now that you have found it, the fun begins. You will have to bend the wires and fish the controllers wire harness though the hole in the bracket and get it in the plug. Good Luck.
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i work for a ford dealer all trucks that have trailer towing package have a connector under the dash to hook up the controller.
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Where exactly is it? Is it a open connector that you just have to plug controller right in to it? I did see a gray connector right underneath steering column ( thanks Grandview trailer sales also for info ) but I don't think that was it or maybe it was. What color wires does it have?
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It is gray, but I don't think it is right beside the steering column in a 2000 model. I told you it was a b---- to find. It will have 6 pins in it and yes it is open. One end has 2 ears for orientation.
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Thanks Grandview :) I also found a ford truck forum and one of there members actually had a picture of connector and it's location. Just as you explained! Again thanks for the help.