Brake problem

On a 94 Coachmen with combined air and hydraulic brake system, after a fairly short but steep downhill, the brake warning system begins to squawk and braking effectiveness is greatly reduced. The brake warning questions the fluid level, but that is ok. The problem endures for weeks sometimes, long after the vehicle has rested for days.

The "cure" comes during subsequent braking when a loud crack is heard in the front part of the vehicle.

Does someone have an explanation, and hopefully a fix to avoid this problem?
Re: Brake problem

Sounds like something is hanging up. I would take it to Freightliner or another large chassi shop and have them inspect the complete braking system. Anytime you have a loud pop or crack sound when you are driving you should have that check ASAP due to posible metal fatigue in structural elements or moving parts.
Re: Brake problem

Thanks for the feedback. My own visual inspection showed no signs of cracked or bent parts. If the problem arises again, I'll take your advice and have it thoroughly checked. Incidently, that crack noise has only occurred twice -- last year and this year, about a week after getting the brake alarm on the same hill.

I notice you answer many queries on the website. That's good of you and speaks well for your company.