I have a 2001 35' Condor by R-vision. I have had brake problems for sometime now. Just the front brakes stop the bus. I have replaced the brake shoes , all 4 wheel calipers with brand new calipers, the master cylinder. I presently have it at a workhorse dealership for going on 4 weeks now and the ABS checks out OK. I am lost , can somebody help ? Thanks ( PS The dealership is lost also.


RE: Brakes

first ,, welcome to the forum ,, now are the front brakes worn more than the rear???
also is the proportioning valve built into the master cylinder???
What i would do ,, disconnect the rear brake lines ,, well one anyway ,, and have someone step on the pedal ,, i know u'll have to rebleed the system ,, but it will let u now weather or not u'r getting fluid to the rear calipers ,, let us know back on this :approve: :approve: :approve: ;) ;) ;) ;)