Buyer Beware - Warranty

I am writing regarding a New Gulfstream Yellowstone we purchased May of this year (2004)
We have a safety issue being:
Water in the roof area. We believe this is caused from the layer of Flex-Foil Insulation above the layer of Batt Insulation. This layer of Flex-Foil acts as a Vapor Barrier trapping moisture in the Coach. Gulfstream will not repair this under their warranty, nor will they take any responsibility for this matter at all. Gulfstream tells us we never controlled the moisture even though we have ran a de-humidifier since the date of possession. BUT GET THIS: Gulfstream DID NOT vent the fan avove the cooking area as they claim it is not meant to be vented. Makes sense eh?
We also have sewer odors coming from the kitchen sinks and air condition when it is turned on.
We have had our unit into the dealer 2x - 7 weeks in total - this is the 8th and nothing has been done to date to resolve these problems.
We have contacted the FTC, NTSB and BBB in Canada and the States. No one seems to have any jurisdiction over these RV Manufacturers. They have to be made liable and responsible for the products they manufacture and sell. How many people have to die or be injured before our Governments put a stop to this Ripping off of the Consumers both in Canada and the States?
Maybe our roof will fall in from the extra weight of the water up there, we could be seriously injured or killed. Do the Manufacturers of these products care...NO, they just want to sell their units, not warranty them or look after the customer after they do sell a unit to them.
Buyer Beware - Warranty

same said story can be applied to other mnftr. R-vision, for example ,promises 12 years warranty for their roof, and you can't even get them on the Internet.
Buyer Beware - Warranty

Sorry for your experience. It is up to owners to let everybody know of their problems and do a lot of research before buying. Saw a Gulfstream unit in a campground outside of Atlanta with a big lemon painted on the back and signs on the side saying what a pc of crap it was. He finally got their attn. Good Luck :8ball:
Buyer Beware - Warranty

RVGypsy....I couldn't agree with you more. I have a Canyon Trail, manufactured by Gulfstream, and it' s piece of crapp. The first Canyon Trail we purchased had a bent frame. When I questioned the dealer about it, they just said it was SUPPOSED to be like that. Against my better judgement, I purchased the unit. I ended up taking it to a frame shop and had to pay for the mechanic to put squares on the frame and tell Gulfstream the unit had a bent frame. Fortunately, the IDIOTS I purchased this unit from left some paperwork in the camper. The same camper was "dealer refused" in Oklahoma because of the bent frame and it was documented. Gulfstream instructed a driver to transport the camper to a different dealer in a different state...Arkansas. I was the unlucky person that bought it. After months of frustration and fighting with Gulfstream, they agreed to build me a new unit and have it shipped. That sounded great, except I've had my new unit in the shop 6 times in the first year and I'm still having problems with it. I will never buy another Gulfstream product and I will never buy another RV from "Sherwoood Rv" in Sherwood, Arkansas. They both suck. We've had problems with the compartment doors leaking and it ruined our entertainment center which had to be replaced. My father-in-law has a different Canyon Trail model and he's had the same problems with his doors leaking.

Good luck on your next purchase and hopefully noone will ever buy another Gulfstream product!!!
Buyer Beware - Warranty

You know, every time I read one of these I feel less excited about moving up from my 84 WienerBeagle. Looks a little dated but still works fine.


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Buyer Beware - Warranty

We know some folks who bought a four slide Friendship by Gulfstream. The gave up and traded it after only 8 months of owning it with no success in getting it repaired.