buying 1st. RV

My wife and I have been shopping for a 5th wheel now for about a month. We are looking for a Forest River or Carriage unit about 30' in length. We have shopped all dealers in our area and have not found what we are looking for. We are going on vacation out of state next week and plan to continue our search. Does anyone have any advise on buying an RV from an out of state dealer?
Thanks for any advice
buying 1st. RV

Hello Terry, You guys are going to do exactly what we did. Except we shopped for over a year. We just could not make up our minds. Anyway, we left a Rally in Texas and went to Tennessee for 2 weeks of vacation. On the way back we decided to stay over in Nashville. Well we stayed a couple extra days looking at things, including 5th Wheels. Vacation was over so we headed back to our home in Texas. A few weeks later, the salesman called and made an offer we could not turn down. So we went back to pick up our new 5er, and are very happy with the deal, service, and the Factory. We tried hard, worked real hard to spend our money here around home, but just could not close on a deal.

Good luck with your search. If the deal is right, it will happen.


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