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11-1-06 Can anyone give me some advise on buying a new tt? I have shopped around and online and got a few quotes for 06's and 07's. Is there any advise as to when prices go up? I know if I buy a 06 now I will not use it till march or april of next year and I'm sure value will drop by then so I figure I better get a good deal on a 06 to buy it now. I was also looking at 07's and ordering one takes about 8 weeks so I was thinking of ordering one about mid Dec. Is this a good idea or will prices go up before then? I was also looking at an internet dealer RV Wholesalers who quoted a good price. Any comments on this dealer or buying this way? Thank you for any help I was told by Gulfstream that warranty work can be done by any RV shop with prior approval.

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Re: buying a new TT

Do a search here on Gulfstream warranty work. There has been some that have had problems with Gulfstream warranty but, read all this with a grain of salt. The 06 will be a year old in a few months if not already but the 07 will probably cost more. Buy from a local dealer if you have one that has a good reputation even if the price is a little higher.


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RE: buying a new TT

It sounds like you have done a great job in the research department thus far. If I can add anything, find the one that works with your needs, (ie - bunks, walk around queen, kitchen layout, weight), then at least you will know what to ask. No one can patten a floorplan, so you will be able to see it made by several manufactures, find a name that has been around for sometime, so you will know that they will be there to take care of anything in the future. Make an offer and get out and enjoy the trailer. As far as not using it in the winter, that will change as soon as it gets home, you will want to get out there, smile with family, eat some smores, and build the memories. Don't let nothing stand in your way, go out and do it. Happy camping!!!