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I am looking into selling my 22' Minnie Winnie for a 5th wheel set up and am looking for some guidance. I don't want anything too big because I don't want to be limited in where I can go (at least much). We are not full-timers, but try to get away for a month or so in the summer, plus weekendtrips thoughout the year. I am figuring on something in the 24-27' range. Much of our camping is boondocking, with a trip into a commercial campground when we run out of water or juice. As such, I want something rugged enough to handle at least rough dirt roads (no off-roading or 4wd roads, of course). We have a 2 year old, with plans to attempt another in a year or so, so I am looking for something that will be big enough for my family down the road (pun intended). I also like to take my rig to the Sierra for ski/snowshoe trips, so a high R value is important. I had settled on an Arctic Fox (based on someone else's advice, not through my own research), but other makes that have bunk beds for the kids have caught my eye so I have begun to look around and feeling a little overwhelmed by the number of manufacturers. I also have run across mention of some manufacturers getting rich by making junk. Previous to the current Minnie, the RV we had was a piece of junk and we lost alot of money on it (actually ended up donating it because I could not in good conscience sell it) and, in the interest of preserving my marriage, do not want a repeat of that.
Any suggestions? Any advice? Any good/bad expriences with manufacturers?
Thanks alot for you time.

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Most of the better 5th Wheels that have good R values (polar package) and have heated enclosed fresh and black/gray water tanks are usually in the large category (30+ feet). Check out Montana, Big Sky, Sunny Brook and the HitchHiker 26.5 foot model to see if they have bunk bed floor plans. . Titanium makes some models with bunk beds I think. You can plug in the name of most manufactures in your search engine and go to their web site and find out if they are well insulated and check out floor plans. I like vacuum bonded 5th Wheels. They seem to be well constructed, but for less than full-timing and economic reasons, vacuum bonding may be over kill.


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Re: Buying advice

Buzzard, sounds like you have done your homework. I live in the Northwest and am very familar with the Artic Fox and the rest of the NASH product line. They are very well known for there cold weather capabilities, since the owner is an elk hunter, he has made sure that the cold weather doesn't stop him from his passion. As far as other brands out there, which there are quite a few, go with a manufacure that has been around for some time. Since your past experience has not been very good, don't settle for something that just 'looks nice' to the eye. Go with something that has been tested again and again, talk to owners and see what they have to say. Trust me, they will be honest with you, if they are un-happy, they don't hold it in. The other thing is, bunks are a great way to go, not only for kids but for added storage, ie - totes. Plus the kids like the idea of having there own little space. But most of all go with one that fits the majority of your needs, give a little to get a lot. You will do just fine, I have had great luck with Jayco (40 years of doing business), Holiday Rambler(50+ years), Fleetwood (50+ years), I think you get the point. In the housing market it is location, location, location. In RV's it is Brand name, Brand name, Brand name. Good luck and 'happy camping'