buying factory direct


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We are considering buying a R-vision Trail-cruiser directly from the factory. R-vision offers a "build your own RV." Although my husband has owned 4 RVs in the past but never brought via internet. Any experience or advise?
It makes me a bit nervous so I hoping someone has something to say about it.
Thank you.

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Re: buying factory direct

If this is true, I am glad I do not represent R-Vision. That is a direct slap in the face to their dealers, who can also order what the customer wants.

Anyone can "build your own RV" through me also, but not with R-Vision.


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Re: buying factory direct

Sasha Welcome to our forum here.

We have never bought direct from the factory but we bought our 1st class a sight unseen over the internet. The dealer said that if it was not exactly as he represented online we would reimberse our flight there & pay for our return flight back to Fla..

Honey could not pass that one up. Plus they were $6k cheaper than here. With 30 day temp tag on the rv, it took us almost 3 weeks to get back to Fla.

WE paced ourselves. :laugh: :laugh: This is an acquired art.

Darlin :cool: